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Handling the turbulence was unbearable and I had a full blown panic attack on the flight. I couldn't understand a word of the English announcements each time we hit turbulence. I felt unbearably sick but couldn't bring myself to get out of my seat. There was no food, no entertainment, and definitely no entertainment. I hope to never fly Volotea again. Desventajas: "the app is that that great, it gets stook.

Also, they don't have any chance to change or re-schedule any flight. We witnessed a number of people who had done carry on from Athens to Santorini not be able to do carry on back. It's a scam on the Island. The bin in which you have to fit your bag is smaller on Santorini. Ventajas: "Boarding was like any other boarding, it went fine, but then we had to sit on runway for about 30 minutes or so.

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Not a huge deal. I keep myself busy on computer so flight went quickly. Seats were not comfortable at all and mine even had a huge tear in it so it just bugged my back side the entire flight. Food was not good at all!

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Salad smelled moldy. Oh yeah, and I ended up paying extra for my bags that were exactly the same as my husbands but he was not up charged.

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Between the c crew and the constant selling and up charges, I would rather pay more for a different company. Ventajas: "Low cost" Desventajas: "Have to carry any carry-on luggage up the metal stairs in any weather, up to plane. Same thing after landing. Ventajas: "Not much" Desventajas: "Boarding process stinks. You have 2 groups but board them all at the same time well let's say start to board by having us wait outside for 20 minutes in 90 plus heat. No water then stand on a hot bus for another 15 or If we want a water after heat stroke it's 2.

Ventajas: "Organization in boarding the plane" Desventajas: "When i read the baggage rate, its only 20 euro, when i got there its 40 euro the lady told me its cheaper on line cuz i was there 6 hours early. I didnt know that i have to buy the baggage ahead of time. It would be nice if its highlighted in red when i bought the tix. Also i had to pay extra 30 euro bec i didnt chk in on line, seriously? What is the point of having a chk un counter? Also i was told to come back 2 hours before my flight.

As i said i was there 6 hours eatly, when i came back the chk in on line is already closed. Im sure its a common problem , a lot if ppl paid extra and were complaining, they could have told us or have a sign there. Dont u think 30 euro is a lot to pay for not chking in? Is it only in europe? Its better when we book that ppl shld be warn of the pronlem, i paid extra euro bec there are 3 of us plus the internet there suck at the airport , if you get in on the internet in 2 mins you are out or cant get in gor hours".

Ventajas: "Todo perfecto! El vuelo salió en hora y llegamos a la hora precista". Desventajas: "I booked an afternoon flight on Volta. They changed me weeks later to a morning flight. I told them I wanted to cancel my earlier flight and preferred a refund instead.

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I have never received credit for my cancellation. Ventajas: "It was a quick flight.

Then they made me pay Euros and asked me to take the bag out to the plane. When I got to the plane the men working with the suitcases said my bag was more than capabale of fitting overhead and let me take it up. So they charged me Euros extra for nothing and only did this once they saw my American Passport. Ventajas: "I cancelled the trip because in reading the fine print, I found the cost of checking a single small bag almost as much as the cost of the flight itself.

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Cancellation was accepted but took some effort to do it. Ventajas: "Helpful and smiling staff , seats have good leg room , time of departure was accurate" Desventajas: "No food or entertainment". Ventajas: "minimum fuss from beginning to end, and no bombarding by emails. Compliments to Volotea. Ventajas: "The friendly flight attendants. Ventajas: "Excellent price and route. Very friendly crew. I didn't need much for a 2hr flight. Met all my expectations. Ventajas: "Flight was fine once we got going but one staff working made for a long long line and a half hour delay.

Staff were excellent though. Desventajas: "Scheduled departure time was p. We were kept in the departure gate for 7 hours without a proper explanation in English. When they finally realized they could not repair the plane, they put everyone on another plane. We were given a voucher to use at the snack counter for 10 euros per person, but when we got to the counter there was no food or wine left. Imagine, running out of wine in France!

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I understand that mechanical issues on planes happen, but it was left far too long to attempt to repair it. A replacement plane should have been supplied after a one hour delay, not 7 hours. Desventajas: "Waited to board for 1 hour- no seat assignments- price to pay for checked baggage increases by the hour as your departure nears. Ventajas: "Good short flight" Desventajas: "Short flight, no food or entertainment".

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Ventajas: "Seats were OK and overhead storage was good. Desventajas: "The flight was 5 hours late and the company did not give us any information about when the flight would take off and what the problem was. No thanks. Ventajas: "Nothing" Desventajas: "The Volotea website was very poorly run and thus, we accidentally booked the flight on the wrong date, due to the way the calendar was loaded on the site.

We entered the correct date, but somehow we still received flights for 5 days after the date we needed. Ventajas: "Crew was very nice and professional. But ours was a short flight. Therefore, I had to purchase another three tickets with a different carrier and got NO credit for the missed fight with Volotea. BAD Business. Ventajas: "Volotea flight was good and I would fly Volotea again but checking in at the Santorini Airport is Chaos for all airlines Santorini Airport needs to organize the check in area with better barriers especially for the very long line of psgrs lining up for security Without barriers it's unclear where the line ends and where those joining the line should go therefore causing a lot of confusion and people trying to bud in".

Ventajas: "We printed the boarding passes a week prior and we were ready to go! However Volotea emailed us 24 hours prior to tell us some information had changed and we had new boarding passes. We were worried that we had to pay extra as we were already traveling and could not print the new boarding passes. It was no problem!

We downloaded the app and the crew just scanned the app boarding passes. It was a huge relief. Ventajas: "Nothing, flight was cancelled 6 months ago and I still have not received my refund. Ventajas: "Errrm RyanAir would have been able to fly us the same trip for that alone, with bags!